Ubuntu Bethu Cultural Festival

On the 14th of September, 2019, the Ngcobo Municipality in partnership with Chris Hani Municipality hosted an ubuntu bethu cultural Festival to revive black people for their origins and keep them up to date with what black people was doing in the past.The event is called Our Humanity Cultural where you come to a variety of dance styles of different groups. The festive parties from the Festival came from all Municipalities within Chris Hani to make their celebrations in Ngcobo. At the festival there were also people selling traditional products to remind black people of their origins.There were also professional musicians to entertain people at the event, such as a hashi-Elimhlophe and local artist. Mr Oscar Mabuyane, Premier of the Eastern Cape who was present at our Ubuntu Bethu Cultural festival in Engcobo, said words of encouragement to the people who were present at the Village Sport Ground enjoying Ubuntu Bethu Cultural festival. “These programs are just some of the programs that contribute to the growth of the local economy and therefore should continue on an annual basis, and others that are educational in rejuvenating human behavior, and developing children according to their abilities ”.The people of Ngcobo came out in great numbers to attend and enjoy Ubuntu bethu Cultural Festval at the Village Sport Ground Engcobo.